Faithful Giving

Dear brothers and sisters in faith

At Community Net Vision, we have a simple goal: To spread the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world through the Music Worth Saving. We are a not-for-profit corporation and a listener funded ministry who relies exclusively on the generosity of our listeners to support our financial needs.

What financial needs do we have?

Provisioning the stations, paying for the bandwidth to broadcast them, meeting the royalty payments to the artists, hosting the websites and advertising the stations all have a cost associated with them. Whether you can spare just a few dollars, or a few thousand, your gift will not only help keep the stations on the air, but will allow us to develop our mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe. Not everyone, especially our listeners in developing countries, can afford to contribute to the costs of the stations and we are dedicated to provide these stations free of charge to prevent discriminating against those who could not otherwise afford to tune-in, but we are sure others can and will help us meet this myriad of costs.

Making a difference in people's lives

We have many testimonies as to how our stations make a difference in peoples lives from the correspondence we receive or on social media sites like Facebook. Please make a difference to us with your financial gift and give as the Lord stirs your heart. There are two easy ways to make a contribution, and don\'t forget, all donations are tax deductible within the United States.

How can I help?

You can make an on-line donation using the simple links in the righthand column, which are securely handled by the worlds number one payment handler - PayPal. You can make a donation whether you have an account with them or not. Donations can be made regardless of the currency that your card is issued in. You may either make a one-off donation to the value of your choice or why not make a recurring payment? Making a regular donation of $5 or more every month goes a long way if others join in with your generosity.

If you prefer to make a postal donation, please make your bank check payable to Community Net Vision, Inc and mail to: Community Net Vision, Inc. P.O. Box 86255 Saint Petersburg, FL 33738